Many people who are looking for help to get their thesis fixed, the keywords are pretty much my thesis in Google. At Task Correction, we are experts in correcting theses, but we also like to do bachelor’s, doctoral theses, master’s, semester’s, exams and all other types of higher education programs.

How to fix my thesis?

Typically, your thesis is corrected in Word with the feature called ‘Record Changes’ enabled. It has the advantage of the customer that all the corrections made in the thesis are recorded so that they are visible. The customer can now go through the proofreading thesis and check the corrections one by one.

We also like to fix in LaTex and here also the corrections will be visible to you as a customer.

Who fixes my thesis?

At Assignment Proof, there will always be a professional proofreader who corrects your thesis. In this context, a professional must be understood as a person whose primary occupation is the work of languages and texts – and especially with a focus on academic proofreading.

You can read more about our reviewers here.

How long does it take to correct the thesis?

The delivery time depends on the length of the thesis, but you should expect that it will take 3-4 days to correct a thesis of 60-80 pages. The proofreading of a single thesis does not, of course, take three days per se. But since we usually have many other tasks that need to be addressed at the same time, we need more time.

Is the quality in order?

Yes, that is the one. Our reviewers are skilled and will only be linked to Task Proof after repeated tests of their qualities.

How to write essay about yourself

We continuously receive unsolicited applications, which we sort out. Applicants who appear qualified are offered a series of tests to document their academic proofing skills. Then follows a course in which we are trained in our review policy, confidentiality policy and service policy.

When that process is over, you are ready to correct academic assignments at Task Correction.

So your thesis is directed by very competent reviewers, and the proof is quality assured by Jan, who owns and runs Task Correction.

Read more about proof of thesis here.

You can also read about proofreading of other texts, such as undergraduate projects, doctoral dissertations, scientific articles, journals, books, websites and blogs.