What does a white hacker do?

Who are “blue hat”, “green hat”, “red hat”?

Types of hackers

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If everything is generally clear with black, white and gray hats, then color names are a much less common phenomenon. However, sometimes they are used.

Blue hat is essentially the same white hat, but in Microsoft terminology. This company actively promotes the audit of the product by hackers before its release to the market. They also founded the Microsoft BlueHat Conference, which is dedicated to white hacking and information security. You can get there only by invitation.

Interestingly, in some circles, blue hats are people who, because of some events in their lives, decided to hack someone out of revenge. At the same time, they are not interested in the rest of the hacking art. A striking example is the main character of the game Watchdogs.

Green hat hackers are newcomers who do not have enough experience and skills yet, but who at the same time actively study and practice hacking with the help of special resources.

Red hat is a hacker whose main goal is to fight black hats. But if white hackers are trying to prevent attacks and strengthen protection, red hats want to punish malicious hackers and, having discovered one of them, they can launch a full-scale attack against him.