A professional reviewer can lift the language of your text to a higher level.

At Task Correction we offer proofreading in a special class, and all our people are professional proofreaders. This means that they live on a daily basis to read proofreading and provide other linguistic services, such as transcription, translation and copywriting.

You can read more about our reviewers here.

Job as a professional reviewer

If it is a job as a proofreader you are looking for, we at Task Correction would like to hear from you. We constantly need new people so that we can continue to service our clients with academic proofreading and traditional proofreading.

The job as a reviewer requires that you are good at working alone, can concentrate for a long time on the same task, and that you are above all deeply familiar with Danish legal writing.

But don’t do it alone!

One also needs to have a special understanding of language, because it requires that in order to improve the language of texts in many genres from the application over the blog post to the heavy, academic task.

Should you have a reviewer education?

You do not need a reviewer training or an extended proofreading course to become a professional reviewer with us.

The proofreading courses are typically about upgrading non-linguistically trained staff to a level where you can correct spelling errors and commas in regular texts. It could be, for example, secretaries, project managers, clerks, webmasters and the like, who as part of their job description have proofreading everything from sales letters to annual reports.

These are all good people, but they are not people who have a long, linguistic education, and they are not people who understand academic language.

For the reviewers at Task Correction, the following applies:

  • They are deeply familiar with Danish and English writing.
  • They are academically trained academically.
  • They have a superior language understanding.
  • They have experience in academic and scientific assignment writing.
  • They are professional linguists who have a knowledge of language and a language experience that far exceeds that of a secretary or project manager.

Freelance reviewer

You are of course very welcome to write to us if you would like to be a proofreader at Task Correction.

The work will be done on a freelance basis. Therefore, you must make your own computer available and you must have access to the Word program.

Whether you work on the couch, at the dining table or in an office is up to you as long as the proofreading is completed at the agreed time.